EXTRA HELP/LIS (Low-Income Subsidy)  

If you meet certain income and resource limits, you may qualify for Extra Help from Medicare to pay the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage.  In 2014, drug costs for most people who qualify are no more than $2.55 for each generic/$6.35 for each brand-name covered drug.  Other people pay only a portion of their Medicare drug plan premiums and deductibles based on their income level. 

In 2014, you may qualify if you have up to $17,505 in yearly income ($23,595 for a married couple) and up to $13,440 in resources ($26,860 for a married couple).

NOTE:  It is estimated that less than half of the people who are eligible for help actually sign up!  Please do not hesitate to apply. See where to apply below.

What is the Low Income Subsidy ("Extra Help") Program?

LIS provides assistance with the following prescription drug and drug-related costs for Medicare consumers who have limited income and resources:

  • Monthly premium
  • Yearly deductible
  • RX DRUGS  (Individuals will pay betwee $1.15 and $6.60, even while they are in the Coverage Gap)
  • Prescription co-insurance and co-payments
      • There is no Part D late enrollment penalty
      • They have a Special Election Period that can be used year round

Eligibility Requirements
Income Limits (equals 150% of the poverty level)
Income includes money earned from wages, Social Security, Railroad Retirement, Veterans' benefits, etc.;
Resource Limits
Resources include the things they own plus cash in checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and IRA's.

Income Limits
$17, 235.00 
 Note:  Help received from others to pay household
  expenses like food, rent, utilities is not considered income
 Resource Limits
 Note:  Excludes home, car, household items, burial
 plot and life insurance

How to Apply

Social Security Administration:

Contact Social Security Administration:  1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)

Social Security Online:  http://www.ssa.gov/prescriptionhelp

Mail--Request paper forms from SSA by calling:  1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)

Your local Social Security Office

Mountain State Senior Insurance Services

We have assisted many of our clients in applying and submitting the application for Low Income Subsidy.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss any form of additional assistance and we can guide you through the process.



WV State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

For help with questions about buying insurance, choosing a health plan, buying a stand-alone prescription drug plan or Medigap policy.  1-877-987-4463

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